long time no eat

Holy Babaganoush! You know what's funny... I never knew that babaganoush (or spell check is trying to change it to "membranous") was a real, existing thing. I was buying hummus last night and saw it as a flavor. I was seriously hysterical, and then dumbfounded on how delicious it seemed.

Alright, so besides that grocery store incident, it's beautiful out and I want picnics. I haven't really been cooking much, but last night I made a bitchin' dinner. I finally found my camera charger, so it's still functioning. However, after using a Nikon D40 for every thing else really... IT'S SO BAD.

good dinner, bad photo

At least it doesn't look TRAGIC that small, haha.

I wish I had a better photograph, and I wish I hadn't forgotten to take the photo before I ate my portion. It looked a thousand times better on a white plate than a crappy black container. We made crunky bread to dip in the hummus, but ate all of that. So... it's just parmesan cous cous with a veggie mix. I steamed broccoli, and sauteed onions, mushrooms, and carrots. I added in the broccoli, and mixed it all together with roasted garlic, thyme, salt, sugar, cracked black pepper, and whatever else. At the last five minutes, I threw in balsalmic and apples. Twas delicious with that Sabra Greek Olive Hummus. Mmmhm.

So I sat in a class at French Culinary Institute, and I'm crossing my fingers I can start in June. The school was beyond amazing, and I'm so excited. Oh! and I've been sitting around, stirring up really great food combos, ideas, and recipes. That is so exciting. I can't wait to get a job, and be able to make them. Once that happens... I can actually post more. Woo!

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