are you kidding me?

Yeah, I did it. I forgot to bring a camera and/or even get a photograph taken of the nearly 100 cupcakes I made. I made a nice little wad of cash, and lots of people gave me compliments on my tasty monsters. Basically though, I made the normal vanilla cupcakes I always make and held my breath and made Martha Stewart chocolate cupcakes. Her recipes kind of suck, to be honest! But any ways... in the vanilla cupcakes, I pushed in a little slice of strawberry prior to baking them off and topped them with chocolate cream cheese icing. The chocolate ones were topped off with blood orange pulp and juice mixed with cream cheese icing. I heard they were delicious, but I myself did not try them. It was fun though, except the constant question... "What da fuck are dees for?" I do hope my little cards with my blog and stuff got around! I want this to get better. I need motivation.

Hey! Thanks if you were there though!

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