pizza mac n' cheese

Ah, a favorite of every one who has ever rested their lips upon a fork that was blessed by this meal. What a combination... pizza and mac n' cheese. No little kid or adult can deny this. It's too easy and too good to be true.

pizza mac n' cheese

I'm entirely too satisfied with that photograph I took. It's so delicious; mmm.

Ingredients needed:
jar of spaghetti sauce
jar of cheese sauce
elbows macaroni

(I will be honest, this time I used a jar of cheese sauce... and it was so good).

It's seriously simple! Make very al dente elbows, mix cheese sauce, and assemble in a shallow baking dish. Put macaroni in the dish. Along the sides of the pan, place pepperoni as a mock for a crust. Put some spaghetti sauce on top of pasta, maybe some more pepperoni. And then on top of the sauce... obviously all the cheese you want. Bake 350 degrees; 20 minutes covered, ten uncovered.

So I am back in New York, and I forgot to steal Robert's camera. Thus... I have no camera, a jinx in my oven, and a shitty time. Pity me! I'll try and update as much as I can, but I swear in two weeks I'll be back in action in a cozy home and with my love.

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