oh yeah

I totally forgot how great early breakfast can be. Apples and peanut butter toast was like the coziest meal ever. I mean... if that is possible? Maybe I mean some thing more like comfortable. I don't know! It just made me want to snuggle and wear flannel.


Mostly, let's all thank the dear lord jesus for photobooth. Not having a working camera nor a kitchen I like to be in is really putting me on the down side. My fingers and taste buds just feel like working, but they can't! How frustrating!

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  1. Love your blog! Came across this through your livejournal that I came across looking for help on a half-half hair dye job (got to an entry about the chelsea, got your comment, came here!)

    I don't know how to use blogspot that well since I'm so used to livejournal, but I will try to "follow" you on here? Is that right? Whatever! I'm ear-party.blogspot.com. started a blog a little back about earrings and trinkets



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