wisdom teeth blues and i'm too busy.

So last Friday, I got my wisdom teeth out. It was terrible! All I could eat was pudding and pancakes, so obviously no cooking. Aside from that... I have three jobs. Swich, Porchetta NYC, and helping Betsy boo make cupcakers. It has been so chaotic and I barely sleep any more! It's great though, and tons of fun! This week I have plans for cupcakes and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Hopefully, I'll remember my camera considering I always forget! Any whos~


Twas one of my last meals, and so delish. Cooked arugula and onions mixed with parmesan cous cous, and a tuna sammich. So I hope I start to have time to cook and take photos of yummy things. Oh and Mario Batali was at my job getting pork sandwiches the other day. LOL.

xo, bye.

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